#185 FAmNA Role of Treasurer and Meeting Card holder opinions on spliting roles
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FAmSCO has brought up on several occasions about splitting the roles of Meeting Card Holder and Treasurer. This started with some problems in APAC. NA does not seem to have the same problems. This ticket has been created to get the opinions of FAmNA in either splitting the roles or keeping the structure the way it is currently. Please add your comments and identify your favor of keeping or splitting current structure

we dont have an issue, and its easier to keep track of the funds if the treasurer is the card hold imho.

Same. +1 for keeping things as it's been.

+1 for status quo. If it isn't broken, no need to "fix."

+1 Agreed on the fact that we do not have such an issue, thus nothing to really fix.

Keeping the configuration as is.

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