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Event ticket for FOSSCON 2017
(Seeking approval for event sponsorship)

Event Date: August 26th, 2017
Location: International House of Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Shipping Address: Mike DePaulo's home (will provide privately)
Brief Description: Free and Open Source software conference held annually in Philadelphia PA.
(Fedora has attended for at least the last 2 years.)
Website: https://fosscon.us/

$250 for Exhibitor ("Kilobyte") fee, the cheapest sponsorship with a table
EC Event Box
Approx. 50 DVD. Will have personal laptop and Updated Lives for USB burning as well.
Vert Banners
Assorted Swag ( as possible)
(No travel costs required for myself.)

While not required, it would be nice to see your rationale for our attendance. I am particularly interested in the audience size and who the 50 DVD using people are likely to be.

@mattdm posted some questions that he (and I agree with him) thinks are good to ask about events. Can you share your answers? I didn't see a link to a wiki page, so perhaps you've already considered them?

  • What is the focus of the event from a Fedora point of view?
  • How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to the Fedora platform overall?
  • How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to specific Fedora solutions — and why are those particular solutions strategically important?
  • How will success be measured? If the event doesn't meet its benchmarks, how will we adjust?

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Hi @bex

To answer 1 through 3:
This is a Linux conference. It will primarily help us attract users and contributors amongst the existing Linux community. However, as I know from 2015, often experienced LInux users bring family and friends along who are new to Linux. It will not yield contributors for any specific area, although I can make sure to mention Fedora's Modularity effort.

For 4:
Success would best be measured by DVDs handed out, the number of on-site installs, and the number of new contributors.


1) On a smaller scale compared to ScaLE or OSCON or SELF, this conference is on of the premier Northeast 'community' events for all things F/LOSS and as @mikedep333 mentioned in the past 2 years we have attended we have sourced younger users, ( fresh eyes, ideas :P ). Also last year there was a PGP key signing party and a few similar events which, if hosted, even by a Fedora contributor as a BoF possibly, also provide another way to showcase the To flexibility of spins like Security Lab and the Fedora Platform as a whole.

2) To expand on 1) above. there are often a decent amount of local large and smaller colleges and universities with students coming to look for ideas or options for that ' Must use a *nix system for this project' for their upcoming semester(s). When and where best to showcase Fedora than when they are ACTIVELY looking for options and FAQs often in an informal, less-collegiate rigidity manner.

3) While we may not have immediate users/contributors, being in the limelight for inspired and dedicated individuals, seeds the possibility for efforts within the project like: Campus Ambassadors, early interest in GSoC 2018, Fedora Loves Python, the broad initiative of the Diversity SIG, and even Idea farming for future Fedora-Classroom topics (sourced from community users, or that inclusion of a class/series on that/those topics might result in larger involvement for a LUG or similar group which the Philly Area is home to many. To the Classroom part, hopefully, the topic and mentor/teacher would be sourced from the same place/person thusly adding content and contributors to the project.

4) @nb has in the past approved event badges, this would be a great way to gauge metrics and even provide a hands on engaging aspect ( assuming gear and budget are in place.) Also, it may be possible to repeat @jsandys Passphrase Dice with some metric being desirable in a similar way to that which @jsandys used at SCaLE and plans/planned to repeat for SeaGL.


full disclosure: I helped organize the first FOSSCON that took place at RIT in Rochester, NY so I have a bit of a soft spot for this particular conference.

The conference draws diverse crowd that includes international attendees. Due to it focusing on FOSS / Open Culture is draws a more diverse crowd than a Linux event, but I think this is a benefit to Fedora. For example:

FOSS in Amateur Radio
NMON - powerful open source performance monitoring
The Open Sourcing of Infrastructure
The Future of Education is Open
Regulatory Compliance with Open Source Software
Working in the Open

Are all interesting topics that will draw people who might not be your typical Linux user, but has an interest in using open source software to get a job done.

This is an event to attract more people to the Fedora tent and to plant seeds for future growth.

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Please follow https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAMNA_event_owner_guidelines for planning your event.
A wiki page and entry on the events page is required

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FAmNA approved the event budget of $400.00 on 8/10/2017

My friend Louis can and will come. As discussed at the meeting, he will serve as the 2nd person at the event.

I will PM Southern_Gentleman my address for shipping.

I just noticed that there is a $25 cost for a "sponsoring attendee", with a $2 fee.

I am assuming that my friend (who is not a Fedora project member) cannot be covered, but t hat I will be.

I estimated the budget at $325, and we approved $400 to be safe, so this should be within it.

We can sponsor non-contributors when there is a clear reason to do so. NA needs to make this decision.

event box return from

Tracking Number:

UPS Ground Service
Label Delivery Method:
Print Return Label
Bill Return Shipping Charges To:
Shipper's Account 9W2V65
Shipping Charges:
27.48 USD

A discount has been applied to the Daily rates for this shipment

Total Charges:
25.78 USD


about $29.00

Banner to:

Tracking Number:

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Guaranteed By:
End of Day Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017
Bill Shipping Charges to:
Shipper's Account 9W2V65
Shipping Charges:
19.27 USD

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Negotiated Charges:
18.02 USD
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18.02 USD


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15.69 USD

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Total Charges:
14.94 USD

@mikedep333 Event Multi boot ISO is available, please see pm on IRC for link or see us in #fedora-respins for a download link.

250 USD Booth fee paid. Either @kjandova or me will enter it into the budget.

I mailed the 2 packages.

My event report.

Thanks everyone.

@mikedep333 please add the ticket receipts and what you are requesting on https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/requests and make it a private ticket. You also need to add your paypal address in order for me to reimburse you.

@mikedep333 closing this ticket, event complete, reimbursement sent on other ticket.

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