#178 Remove markdude as a mentor.
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I propose the following:

  1. markdude disappears for long periods of time, on multiple occasions and does not appear to keep himself up-to-date on current events affecting the Fedora Ambassadors program.
  2. markdude's mentees do not know the information they should, apparently he is not sufficiently mentoring them.
  3. We, as FAmNA, believe there are other better choices for Fedora Ambassadors mentors.

Accordingly, we request his removal from the list of Fedora Ambassadors mentors.

+1, in case I am not at our meeting

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Quoted from and email I sent this morning as a reply to the one sent to the ambassadors mailing list. the removal process requires a vote from FAmNA to degrade the individual from mentor to ambassador.

I do have a few questions on how you are conducting the mentoring process;

Have you entered tickets in pagure for your new ambassadors? if so where?

Who was the last ambassador that completed the process? Where was the introduction of the newest person?

No one is questioning your involvement with the project, but for the last 24 months you have been listed as unavailable as a mentor and you have not attended a FAmNA meeting in over 30 months.
I also have noted that you have not represented Fedora as an ambassador at any event (i.e. Scale, LFNW, etc) for over 36 months (not officially listed on any event or project reports). The regional leaders have also not heard from you to list your presence on events. Although it is not required, with your statements below about activities and budget it seems you may be a little disconnected. What back logs are you referring to? I do remember you getting upset with the budget, but that was over 30 months ago, and we have the budget under control.

So if you're planning events where are the tickets?

And as Robert Mayr stated if you replied to the email from Giannis you would be fine, and I agree hitting the mailing list with that kind of attitude is incorrect. I don't agree with Robert adding you to that group because you are out of sync with the group and I think you should go through the process again for becoming a mentor.


He has not attended FAmNA meetings or events in the past 30 months and he has not been involved with the mentoring process and associated wiki and pagure process/ticketing procedures I also recommend removing his mentor status. +1

I'd like to request that we don't vote on this issue tonight for a couple of reasons:

While Andrews comments and questions are appropriate, I feel like we need to give Mark some time to answer these questions. It doesn't seem appropriate, to respond with an email requesting additional information then removing people from a group less than 24 hours later without having received a response first.

Second, the comment about not being involved in the past 30 months, isn't entirely fair. These logs: https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2016-05-06/famna.2016-05-06-00.55.log.html certainly seem to indicate that he was in attendance a little over a year ago. While, I would also argue that 1 meeting in the past multiple years (he had other APAC meetings, but no FAMNA and I don't know if he uses other aliases) doesn't really constitute involvement, the statement that he hasn't been involved in the past 30 months isn't entirely accurate.

Third, there's a few more questions that may prove prevalent. I believe markdude has access to this since it was posted in reply to the thread so I'll pose them here:

  • It seems that you've been involved more consistently with APAC in recent years (found more meeting involvement for them than NA), are you mentoring for them as well, or just NA?

  • Clearly there seems to be a disconnect with your contributions as a mentor (mentor specifically, not a fedorian) and what the group expects from their mentors. How are you going to address the issue moving forward?

  • You mentioned that you were mentoring multiple people at the moment, who are they?

  • You're listed as a mentor for Ambassadors, while we aren't familiar with any recent additions to the ambassador group that you've mentored, are you mentoring in other areas?

Lastly, FAMSCO is taking a minimum of two weeks to review the removal. Trying to process this in less than 12 hours from when this issue was created seems disproportionate to me. I would request that we wait a longer period (1-2 weeks would be my preference) or wait until Mark has had the opportunity to respond.

I'll respectfully withhold my vote until such time.

0 - abstention at this time in part from @paradoxguitarist comments and I will not be able to attend tonight for discussion.

I also agree that we should give markdude more time to reply. I don't think it's fair that we vote on this issue without giving him time to reply.

+1 more time
@markdude Please be in attendance if you can next week.

Given your inactivity I'm inclined to let your mentorship retire, but I'd like to hear from you.

FAmNA meeting agreed to make a final determination pending response from Markdude prior to the next meeting on 6 July

@markdude Please respond to this ticket. You only have until 6 July meeting to reply.

@nb FAmNA final decision is to approve this ticket. There was no negative or hold out votes. FAmNA has approved removal of mentor status for markdude. ref: https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2017-07-07/famna.2017-07-07-00.59.html

Please forward the results to FAmSCO for completion of the process

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