#174 YCP HACKS 2017 ( Preliminary Interest ticket)
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On the opening night of Bitcamp 2017, I was approached by a YCPHacks Aluma about possibly having Fedora making a presence/mentor booth at YCP Hacks [ http://www.ycphacks.io/ ] It's not until Oct 20-22 but wanting to get this on the radar for NE Ambassadors to gauge if we even have the ability to staff it as early as possible. I have gone ahead and signed up for the 'keep me posted' list they provide on the site.

I will update this ticket as needed as info provides itself.

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I will keep this in mind. It is about a five hour drive for me. There are some very nice looking properies on AirBnB for lodging. I will follow this event and when I have a better idea if I can attend I will confirm.

I am interested too. It is about a 2.5 hour drive for me.

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