#169 Proposal for FAmNA Requests Trac migration
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This ticket is intended to discuss the idea of migrating old, historical data from the FAmNA Requests Trac into a read-only Pagure for current FAmNA admins (i.e. treasurers, logisticians, etc.) and have future requests with private information be filed in this repository OR splitting it in two repositories (similar to existing setup) and more finely limiting who has read access.


There are a few pros and cons to keeping it in one repository.

  • Pros
    • Everything is in one place and we keep all tickets together
    • All tickets, public and private, readable by anyone added to the @ambassadors-na group
  • Cons
    • All tickets, public and private, readable by anyone added to the @ambassadors-na group

Hopefully we can discuss this further in the meeting today – I want to file it before the start time.

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My feeling on this is that most of the items I take care of can be listed here and anything that needs to be kept private can be referenced in a separate email to the individuals concerned. Reimbursements can also be done this way. Although the information that I share with the public is amount of reimbursements and the only other information other than receipts (which are publicly available as well) is the paypal email address. Personal address information can be identified in pagure as refer to email from user for contact information.

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FAMNA fully integrated with pagure

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