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Proposed budget for Linux Fest North West, May 6-7
Sponsorship rates are higher this year.
The Fest theme is Security, I would like to feature the Security spin at the fest.

Sponsorship rates:
Title $4000
10FT space $1500
5FT table $750

Friday Night Party $2000
Saturday Night Party $2000
Lanyards $2000 or provide
Bags $2000 or provide

Full Page Ad $500
Room Name $500

Bill Wright asked if we were going to sponsor the Friday party again, hinting that he would rather have a community sponsor and might make a deal.

I would like to feature the security spin and would like to budget for one or two of the experts to help staff the booth and maybe give a presentation.

My proposal is 10Ft booth $1500
Friday Party or Room Name ($2000 or $500)
Travel and Room for 1 or 2 ($300 to $1500)
Event Box, Banners and Swag ($250 to $500)
Total range $2550 to $6500


The cost is quite high, here is my recommendation
$3,500.00 total budget, if you decide to do one of the nights then so be it, but it will effect other parts of your event. That is the most expensive event that I have seen in years. Most of us regional ambassadors have come to an understanding that extra events such as game nights do not have real metrics with respect to Fedora. What does Fedora get out of extra sponsoring. Plus you may want to check with your regional ambassador ParadoxGuitarist for what he has for swag, if he does not have any, check with NB. Additionally, I do not have any numbers for budget for FY18, once I do, release to NA will happen.

My recommendation is 10' table, Event Box, Travel ( up to $500)

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I updated the proposed budget on the wiki:

The proposal is to be a First tier sponsor at $1500 for a ten foot table,
Swag at $500, $250 for logo dice and $250 for Tee shirts,
Shipping banner and box,$150.
Total $2150 (*)

I would like the dice for guests to generate a passphrase.
Crystal Caste can laser engrave 500 die for $210.
I will submit a ticket to design for the dice artwork.

The only additional expense would be for travel for an ambassador who knows security.
I think it is valuable for the ambassadors to visit other Linux Fests and participitate with other ambassadors. Alliance Air flies into Bellingham or if you can get to Seattle I can put an ambassador for a day or two before and after the fest.

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Submitted design ticket for LFNW sponsor web page design:

Submitted design ticket for Fedora logo dice:

I'm a little confused by this line: Swag at $500, $250 for logo dice and $250 for Tee shirts,

We have swag and tshirts. Are these different from what's in stock? $250 for tshirts is like 10 or 15 custom ones. But if what we have in stock then there's no charge, other than shipping which already looks included. Dice was clear that it would be a custom order. Seems cool!

I thought I had to budget for our stock t-shirts.

Jsandys, if you plan to use the ones ParadoxGuitarist has just email him and budget for the shipping, he can send them to you with the event box.

$1500 Booth fee paid. bex to enter into accounting.

@jsandys were you still wishing to have a security-lab updated image for this event? if so please ping me about 4-5 days ahead of the event to ensure we make one and upload it for you before you travel so you are not reliant on event wifi to pull down.

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@linuxmodder thanks I would appreciate the latest and will remind you, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

But maybe you could help me with this, on slide 2 and 16 it shows the security spin running on the OLPC. Is that available? I tried to contact @jsimon but didn't get a response yet.
I want to demonstrate the theme of security and freedom with these little green attention getters.

These are the out of pocket expenses that I @jsandys plan to make and hope to be reimbursed for.

Network Security Essentials Study Guide & Workbook - Volume 1 - Second Edition
$21.54 +3.99 shipping

Security Analysis Essentials Study Guide and Workbook - Volume 2
$23.84 +3.99 shipping

Hacking Essentials Study Guide & Workbook - Volume 3
$26.38 +3.99 shipping

ISECOM Study Guides and Workbooks from print on demand PBShop (lowest price available).
These three 'Security Essentials' books are part of OSSTMM, the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual used by ISECOM using a Fedora Security Lab remix for Security Training and 'Hacker Highschool'. We will use these books as part of the table presentation and give them away on Sunday. We can donate them to LFNW a non-profit organization. I am also purchasing How the Hacker Stole Christmas for $11.60 to use on the table, but I might keep this book.

XKCD Cartoon ( https://xkcd.com/936/ ) as a 24x30 poster. ~$30.00
Explains the passphrase concept.

EFF Word List booklets ~$10.00

Cards for guest generated passphrases (custom business cards) ~$15.00

Logo and rolling dice
I can only get 300 logo dice in time for the fest so the cost will be $150 plus shipping. Do you want me to get Bex to pay for this or another card holder? I will also need regular game dice, about $20.

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