#166 Fedora Event: SCaLE 15x - Pasadena, CA
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Browse here for the SCaLE15X Wiki Page for the SCaLE 15X event.


SCaLE 15X – the 15th annual Southern California Linux Expo – takes place on Mar. 2-5, 2017, at the Pasadena Convention Center

Last year, Fedora attended as a sponsor. I would like to propose us attending again.


As demonstrated in the SCaLE 14X event report, we provided a significant contribution to the Linux community and to attendees. We also demonstrated to others that Fedora provides a fun and useful operating system and that we listen to the community to shape the future of our operating system.

There is a strong presence of Ambassadors / Fedora community members who could help run the booth and represent our project.

We are also hoping to hold a Fedora Activity Day, pending room and schedule availability. The room will be used for one or more of the following activities: project development, project news and tutorials, community tips, contribution tips.


I would like to get FAmNA's votes on this ticket as well as financial review.

Once the event is confirmed on our end, I will reach out to assigned and approved SCaLE 15X Fedora Ambassadors to continue organizing the event.

Thank you for your consideration.

I have Questions on the event regarding lodging, rental cars and parking.
1. Is the lodging a great distance from the event? I think with taxes and fees each room will be about $220.00 with three rooms the total is $1980.00. Room sharing a must!
2. Why 2 car rentals? Fedora has not paid for car rentals in the past that I have seen in the past 6 years. Why cant Rivera and Williams pick up the others and car pool? would save on parking costs.
3. Is the event (SCALE) pass in lieu of booth costs? Where are we to set up the booth? With RH?
4. With Acosta, can LATAM pay for his flight? I see some problems with purchasing or reimbursements as Brian Bexelbie had with his card.
5. Where is the shipping costs for the event box/banners? that is an additional $100.00
This would be the most expensive event I have seen since my involvement in Fedora. This Event is upwards of $4K. The goal is to complete the event under budget, but I see this becoming an event that will exceed goal quickly. I think the budget needs some tweaking to get it down.

I noticed a comment from @bex in the wiki page, which I'll also relay here:

bex: I believe that OSAS from Red Hat will be exhibiting here as well. Should we work with them to increase our booth presence through cross-promotion? What are the planned booth activities and points of emphasis? We were able to get a monitor in the booth and show off modularity at LinuxCon in Berlin and that seemed to draw some traffic (I'd check with jeischma and crew). Putting this here as I don't see who the event owner is on this wiki. I can join a meeting to expand on this and serve as an OSAS liaison.

Can LATAM pay for Acosta, since he is coming from their region? https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/e/ed/Ambassador-World-Map.png That would help to reduce the budget that NA will pay.

Alejandro says via e-mail today: It's not possible for LATAM to pay for this since it was not considered in yearly budget planning.

Offhand, is there someone Alejandro could contact to recommend that LATAM adds this to future budget plans?

@lajuggler He'll probably want to reach out to his regional treasurer, which from budget.fedoraproject.org, indicates is Abdel G. Martinez L. (FAS: potty).

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