#162 LISA 16 - December 8-9
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Full Conference: December 4-9, 2016

Expo: Dec 8-9, 2016 (Fedora is only attending expo)

Fedora will be co-hosting the table with Redhat like last year.

Red Hat is cover the registration costs for 3 ambassadors.

mattdm is local, so he does not have any travel or lodging costs.

Current budget:

  • Travel for Corey Bus Fare $75
  • Travel for Mike Amtrak Fare $124
  • Shipping Banners / Event Box / Swag $200
  • Lodging for Mike / Corey Conference rate ($210+tax) x2 nights $500 (estimates $470)
  • Totals: $899

Reimbursements for mikedep333 in progress, waiting on receipt from linuxmodder for his expenses

Event complete reimbursements complete

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