#161 New Table Cloths for FAmNA
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New table cloths are needed for event presentations.

background analysis

Current table cloths are in need of replacement. Stains and fading from several cleanings are starting to take its toll.

implementation recommendation

Recommend replacing all three table cloths for each region.

ticket on hold until further notice

FAmNA voted to purchase two new table cloths. 1 for the west coast, 1 for the east coast. Old tablecloths will be retained in the Mid west for backup. Table cloths will be purchased 2/14/2017

Is this for FY17 or FY18?

@bex We briefly revisited this ticket tonight, but the intent was to have this fall in FY17 as far as I am aware.

all, bex has already paid for the new table cloths, I will get the proof posted shortly, tablecloths were within the bounds of FY17

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5 years ago

Table cloths received, new one brought to Scale with Ruth, the other sent to Ben

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5 years ago

Hi all, I'm in the process of updating the east coast event box wiki page. How much did the new table cloth cost approximately? I couldn't find a record of this in the ticket or on budget.fp.o.

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5 years ago

@jflory7 both table cloths cost $345, that would round up to $172 per table cloth. I have the invoice from the sale. This was done on FY17 budget.

@award3535 Thanks. I've updated the east coast event box page to reflect that as well.

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