#159 Migrating to Pagure
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On February 28, 2017, FedoraHosted is retiring and will be set into read-only mode. FAmNA needs to migrate our Trac to Pagure to ensure we can continue working after Trac closes.


A blocking bug was recently fixed in the pagure-importer tool that was preventing the data from being migrated. Now, this bug has been fixed and a first "test run" of the migration is available in the staging version of Pagure. You can find the test repository for FAmNA here.

While the formatting for tickets has changed from wiki formatting to markdown, the change is relatively minor. All things like attachments to tickets (e.g. PDFs, images, etc.) have also imported.

Just like how Trac has things like milestones, severity, and priorities, this can be replicated in Pagure. In the repository settings, we can use milestones and roadmaps for tracking tickets for each release cycle (see: example roadmap). Tickets can also be assigned severity levels for issues that need to be addressed sooner than others.

Trac milestones would become Pagure tags. Issues can be tagged in a variety of ways, e.g. "event", "meeting", "open", "budget", or any other amount of ways we choose. Multiple tags can be used for a ticket. A good example of how this would look is in the CommOps Pagure.

If approved, I will migrate the FAmNA Trac to Pagure, set up the tags and milestones as described above, and set this Trac instance as read-only. After a month of using Pagure, we can request the FAmNA Trac URL to redirect to our Pagure.


  1. FAmNA votes +1/-1 for migrating to Pagure after our next meeting.
  2. Trac is imported into a Pagure repository.
  3. New Pagure repository is set up with tags, milestones, and priorities similar to our Trac.
  4. Current Ambassadors are added to a FAmNA "group" in Pagure.
  5. This Trac instance is set as read-only.
  6. After one month to ensure everything is working as expected, we request the FAmNA Trac URL redirects to Pagure (if for some reason data needs to be recovered, it will still exist in Fedora Infra).

+1 move to pagure
-1 to leaving the old trac accessible. After it is moved, I can add the redirects on fedorahosted. If we need the old trac again for some reason, the redirects can be removed. The data will remain in trac in case it is needed.

Discussed in 2016-11-03 meeting.

In the meeting, we agreed that we will begin the implementation outlined in the ticket. It was specifically requested to hold off on the domain redirect until having some time to try out and use Pagure. Maybe not a month, but perhaps at least a week.

I'm going to initiate the migration on Sunday night, 2016 Nov. 6. I advise any Ambassadors to add any comments to tickets before the weekend so that nothing is lost on the Trac side.

Trac migrated

Earlier this afternoon, the FAmNA Trac was migrated here to Pagure. The Trac is in read-only mode, but the redirect loop was not yet set, as requested. Trac administrators ( @award3535 @nb @dmossor @vwbusguy @jbwillia ) will still be able to access the Trac.

In another week or two, if no major issues are found, we can request the redirect from Trac here to Pagure.

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