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BrickHack is the Rochester Institute of Technology's primary hackathon during the academic year. Last year, Fedora attended as a sponsor. I would like to propose us attending again.


As demonstrated in the event report, I felt that the impact and presence we had at BrickHack was an engaging and interactive experience. A Fedora presence was clearly noted and stuck out at this event because of the amount of sponsors (that is, there are far fewer here than at an event like HackMIT, allowing us to have more personal experiences with more people).

Last year, the final cost was $1,476.94. Since this is the end of the fiscal year and not yet in FY18, I understand it may be more difficult to sponsor.

  1. I am confident I can negotiate a lower sponsorship cost with Fedora than last year and still ensure we have a table.
  2. There is a strong presence of local Ambassadors / Fedora community members who could help man the booth and represent the project. If we can confirm the full participation of some locals now, we could try to save on travel costs this way. I will not be in the US at this time, otherwise I would attend the event as well. It may also be possible to reach out to Red Hat again to see if we could arrange for a co-sponsorship.


I would like to get FAmNA's votes on this ticket as well as the financial review of Andrew here. If we agree this an event we would like to attend again this year, I propose the following series of actions:

  1. I will reach out to Tom Callaway at Red Hat to put this event on their radar and see if there is an interest to co-sponsor.
  2. I will reach out to some of the local Rochester Fedora contributors who attended last year to see if I can confirm their full attendance for the weekend.
  3. Once the event is confirmed on our end, I will reach out to the BrickHack organizers to begin negotiating a sponsorship (if they do not contact me first).

Thank you for your consideration.

I am interested in helping to support this effort. Having attended this and HackMIT I feel they both provide an opportunity to promote the Four Foundations.

Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2016-10-14/famna.2016-10-14-01.00.html 2016-10-13 meeting].

We briefly discussed this ticket during tonight's meeting as well to mostly positive reception. I'm going to begin working on building data for this event and doing outreach to local Fedorans in Rochester to see if I can guarantee their participation in this event (to save on travel costs). I'm also going to reach out to some other groups for external funding.

Sponsorship booklet provided by BrickHack 2017 organizers
Sponsorship Information - BrickHack 2017.pdf

Event added to proposed event in Q4 on budget sheet.

@award3535 I received new information from the sponsorship team with regards to a negotiated cost and requirements from the BrickHack team. I've added this ticket back to the meeting agenda for tonight! Should mostly be good news too. :smile:

I should be able to make it to BrickHack this year.

I am also interested in going.
(I went last year.)

@cydrobolt @mikedep333 I think we should have enough budget to accommodate both of you, so for now, I will tentatively add your names to the wiki page until the next FAmNA meeting to vote on this.

@cydrobolt @mikedep333 In the meanwhile, could you both research your transportation costs, including lodging?


  1. (345 miles * 2) / 35 mpg * $2.30/gallon = $45.34
  2. Red Roof Inn Rochester - Henrietta - 1 night = $47

Total: $92.34

Hey guys. Sorry, but it would be best if I do not attend. In addition to me being busy lately, I really don't want want to put 700 miles on my brand new car.


I've looked up some bus routes from Philadelphia to Rochester. Although I would love to come, I don't know if I can accommodate two 10-hour bus rides on that weekend, as I have classes the next day after BrickHack. It wouldn't be ideal. Flying in would cost substantially more, and I'm not sure if we have that in our budget.

If someone closer could attend, it would be preferable.

This event has been suspended due to budget constraints, until further notice do not commit any fund allocation.

I'm intending to have a final number by tomorrow evening's meeting for this event. My understanding is that all details need to be finalized and preferably paid by January 20th. I think this is still maintainable and we should be able to commit to this event. I'll work on calculating a final number as soon as possible, I'm still doing some additional research.

Since there is no one willing to take over for Jflory7 I will consider cancelling the event.

Discussed in 2016-01-13 meeting.

This is the first time I've had wireless for longer than 15 minutes since departing on Tuesday. I understand there's some confusion about this event, so I will clarify with all the details I presently have here.

Who's coming

The two confirmed attendees we have for the event are @cprofitt and @ralph. We were going to see if @mikedep333 or @cydrobolt would still be able to make it, but both of them are unable to my knowledge. I pinged two others in Rochester, one a Red Hat employee who works with Fedora and @decause. The former is unable to attend and I am unsure about the latter. I had discussed with @linuxmodder before I departed that if the local leads I had were unable to attend, he would be willing to attend in their place. To my knowledge, this was and is still the plan. Via email, I asked to be given until Friday to organize details since I wouldn't have a connection until midnight CET or so on Friday (now).

So, to summarize, the attendees to my knowledge are:

There is a chance that @decause or another local lead I have may be able to attend, but they're not confirmed so it's best not to consider them for now. If either of them are able to attend, it will not be an issue for them to attend as they are both local and there would be no travel or lodging costs.


Since the beginning of this month, I have been working on negotiating prizes with friends of Fedora or others who would like to be involved with the open source category at BrickHack. Currently, I have DigitalOcean willing to contribute approximately $825 in prizes to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. I also contacted Tom Callaway and he was going to order additional swag from the Red Hat Cool Stuff Store and UnixStickers with remaining Red Hat budget. I am waiting for someone to get back to me on OpenShift premium plans. There is a chance there could be more (emailing with @bex to see), but this is where I am right now with prize negotiation. I'm open to any other suggestions for prizes or friends who we might be able to contact.

Event owner

Since I started planning this event, I made it clear that even though I was organizing details, I would not be present at the event. To my knowledge, this was never raised as an issue until Tuesday when I was asked for a new event owner (this was also my departure date which is why I have been unable to respond thoroughly to this until now). I'm still not sure why it is required to have an event owner who will be present at the event, other than to receive the event boxes and banners. If @cprofitt or @linuxmodder are unable to receive the banners and bring them to the event, there is a shipping address at RIT that we can use to send them to, and they will be able to picked up on day of the event. I feel that it's late to put this requirement on the event when I've been trying to organize this for over three months. I also am unaware of any FAmNA policy that this is a requirement – if this is going to be the case from this point forward, this should be clearly documented somewhere so this situation doesn't arise again.


I will make a best effort attempt to be at the meeting, but it will be at 3am in my time and I have a wake-up time at 7am. I am doing my best to work on this event, but it would have been helpful to receive the feedback I am receiving now earlier instead of this week. Please advise further to the status of this event. Now that I'm finished traveling, I will be following the ticket closely again.

Understand all of the above, but here is my concern, other than yourself and linuxmodder, no attendance of meetings by other individuals and no contact has been received, so with that said, I have no one that if something goes wrong a single point of contact that is coordinating the event. Its nothing personal but before I commit Fedora funding to an event I need to be able to list the contact person that is either attending the event or is within the same time zone. Then if one or two individuals don't show up I cannot get the money back. So if I can be assured of the event planning can be completed as projected funds will be committed.

Without verification of attendees, I will recommend to cancel Fedora participation at the this event. Event attendees must contact me via email with intent and travel plans to the event.

I am available from 2PM Saturday to 12AM. It will be difficult, but not impossible to attend on Sunday. I am local and there is no expense associated with my attendance.

Confirmed, I'll be attending Saturday afternoon.

For those who confirmed attending, you do not meet the agreement made with the venue. There must be a minimum of 2, max of 3 for the entire event. Since the person planning the event is not going to be there, and you are not available for the entire event, I am recommending that we forego the event. And since no one has stepped up to assist in completing the event planning process I will not arrange for payment. Until I get a confident feeling on the event, I will not authorize a payment to the venue.

No communications have been received from planner, other attendees have stated confirmed attendance with only partial availability, no confirmed information received on prizes and shipping of items. I am officially cancelling Fedora's attendance to this event. Only communications received over the past 5 days is from linuxmodder. I stated my concerns to Brian Bexelbie and cannot see to committing money to the event with partial attendance.

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@award3535 Hey Andrew, I sent you an email on 2017-01-23 10:55am US EST. I will forward it to you again in case it was missed.

@award3535 I just resent it, please confirm receipt once you have it.

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