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Monthly Budget Posts for FAmNA to view

Background analysis

Public information for North America

Implementation recommendation

All posts will be in PDF format for viewing

Revised sheet attached due to one event located in the wrong Qtr.

New sheet added for Oct 2016

Setting off the meeting agenda for the rest of October - will revisit with November's update.

New sheet currently being generated for ease and better tracking of events and expenses. Will have new sheet posted by beginning of next week.

Attached is the proposed budget for FY18. FY17 we only had $29,600.00 and I am asking for $40,000.00 to allow us to buy items that we have not been able to purchase due to budget limitations. With that said, I am going to make the statement that only Bronze Level events sponsorship's be proposed and that special events within events not be proposed (i.e. game nights, etc....). We need to keep all events inline with the same levels. Case by case situations can be discussed but should be kept to minimum. Streamlined and monitored is the only way that I can get the funds we need. In the past there was no one tracking the budget from either side and that is what put us in this condition/position we are currently in. Events that will remain on the budget as commonly sponsored events include SCALE, LFNW, BrickHack, HACKMIT, TXLF, SELF, OLF, SeaGL, Fosscon, Fossetcon, LISA.

Added new sheet with proposed items in Q4. Note that the two events put us in the red for proposed events. This does not mean that we will be in the red but caution needs to be taken not to exceed the approved budgeted amount. With that said, it leaves no room for purchasing of new banners and table cloths. FAmNA must be diligent in ensuring lowest cost available is used. Thus the statements from my last post.

@cverna @kevin @pingou We just migrated this Pagure repository from a Trac repo, but it looks like all of the attached PDFs above are returning 404 errors. Do any of you know how to fix this or if the files successfully followed over from Trac?

The bug mentioned above was filed upstream as pagure#1537.

No change to this ticket since last meeting. Removing from the meeting agenda.

Once new budget received from RH will enter new ticket

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Let's give serious thought to using the new budget website (in progress and should be ready by the time the budget is ready) in lieu of a separately maintained spreadsheet.

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