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Budget for Linux Fest North West 2016
$1000 for game night
$1000 for gold booth
$250 for swag and box shipping


I got an email from Jacob yesterday asking if we would sponsor game night again.

NFNW has a new sponsorship level called "Title" for $3000, and they are asking for two sponsors for the Saturday Party.

FAMNA approved budget of 3K and sponsor game night

Note from Bill Wright:

Hello Ruth and Jeff,

FYI, As of Aug 3 (the event was in April) we have still not
received payment due us for the 2016 Fedora Fri Nite Party sponsorship
nor the LFNW 2016 Gold Sponsorship.

Anything you might be able to do to help us secure payment
would be appreciated.

Thank you


Bill Wright
LinuxFest Northwest, Treasurer
cell 360 7398127

Email sent to mattdm, waiting for response

jzb is looking into the problem. should have a resolution soon.

Leaving ticket open as we cannot cover this ticket in a meeting without both Andrew and Jeff in attendance. I would recommend coordinating offline via email on this ticket.

All requirements met, bill paid.

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