#11 LinuxFest Northwest 2012, Apr 28-29, Bellingham, WA
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[http://linuxfestnorthwest.org/ LinuxFest Northwest 2012]

I have a good amount of Media I can bring with me to this.

Is Jeff owning this? I'd be happy to own it and do the event page if he or others are short on time - I know that LFNW is wondering if Fedora is committing to support this event. Also: CFP ends on March 1.

Finally submitted a sponsorship to LFNW. Because I was delayed we ended up saving $200 but are only getting a 6 foot table for a $400 Silver Sponsorship. The sponsorship includes LFNW Tee Shirts and 2 days of lunches for two. I put my name down for one, need a second.

FamNA 3/13/2012 meeting discussion: Budget, Event Box, other attendees and swag.

Sponsorship created but not paid:
So it is not published on the website.
I think anyone can login and click the add to cart to pay this.
It is currently billed to me:
I'll pay it with my Paypal or credit card if I can get reimbursed.
-- Jeff

It looks like the sponsorship has not been paid yet.
I'm willing to pay if I can get reimbursed.

I have a conflicting meeting and may not be able to join until the end.
-- Jeff

Need to discuss Event Box or Table Dressing, and Swag.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks again for representing Fedora at both LFNW and LAC. I appreciate all your reports about the events too. If you could would you please add links to the event page for LFNW?


Thanks again!

I added a link to a blog post from rbergeron.

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