#465 Ciclo de conferencias by Fedora
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Event Name

Ciclo de conferencias by Fedora

Event Description

  1. Present the Fedora to 200 students.
  2. Conference: containers in Fedora.

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Details Cost
Sodas $ 15.00
Pizza $ 80.00
Hielo, Cooler, Vasos, Servilletas $ 5.00
Total $ 100.00

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3 years ago

Metadata Update from @josereyesjdi:
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3 years ago

I hope this even twill be approved. If it is, please update hte budget at https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/blob/master/f/FY19/latam.adoc

I also think we should get these students some stickers :)

If we need to do shipping for this, lets get started. Also, this needs to get added to the budget site. If you need help adding it, let me know :)

any "new" here?
what happened with this?

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