#447 Budget request for Fedora 27 Release Party in Ecuador (27-Jan-2018) #meeting
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I am organizing a Fedora 27 Release Party in Ecuador, we are expecting like 100-150 assistants, so here is a list of the required budget:

Details Cost
Donuts $ 70
Coffee $ 65
Pizza $ 70
Sodas, glasses, napkins, balloons, misc $ 20
Stickers $ 30
Total $ 255

These costs are estimated and can change over time, depending on the prices and the number of attendees that we are receiving in the registry fomr, obviously we can get the receipts after the event.

All information about this activity is in the following page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events/Latam/Ecuador/Release_Party_27_Hackem_Quito-Ecuador

Thanks in advance,

Total | $ 255

Expecting ~100-150 people

If you can get this quantity of people in the event the budget is
rasonable, I will just recomend to wait until the day of th event and see
the real numbre of assistants to order the snacks.

Also, we've commented to you that you should move your wiki page to the new structure, you just need to use the Move button at the upper right side just under the main wiki menu.

I love to see Ecuador doing events, it will be nice if you can do the Ecuador landing page as requested in #437

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Please note than for Releases Parties wiki pages follow the schema:


Any way looks like there is not enforcing about this.

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Why was this assigned to me?

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@galoget please note that you must a report to the Fedora Planet, you can write your post in the commops blog :100:


I can help to write the post for you if you need help.

@galoget Can you please provide the link to your post and the meeting where this was approved?

@potty can you review this and let me know it clears everything for LATAM? Was this ever put into the budget? The FY19 files are now available.

Thank you.

This ticket was aproved in the meeting of 2018-01-12

15:03:27 <williamjmorenor> #agree Ticket 447 aproved

I think this event will land in Q1 FY19 I am working with @galoget to get the report done.

I will send a PR to the fedora-budget repo to include this event and will try to stay in the loop of the budget execution of this year.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

@galoget did this get paid? I don't think it did, but I can't see it was assigned to me or any other card holder once receipts were attached. Please advise

I suggest we close and wait for @galoget to get back to us.

Hello guys, I was pretty busy with other tasks so I paused this process, @bex I did not get the payment. @williamjmorenor not a transfer. Can you guide please to finish this process and close this?

Thanks and sorry for the delay in the answer.

@galoget was the report ever posted?

@galoget what are your paypal details?

@bex I asked some ambassadors about the post, they said that it is not a good idea to post the report of a past event in the Fedora blog.

But there was a post in an external blog, this one: https://comditech.com/fedora-27-release-party-uio-epn-2018/

About my Paypal details, can I send you via a private email?

@galoget please open a private ticket for reimbursement (follow all of the directions) in the fedora-budget repo: https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/issues

This will protect your paypal details.

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