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Some years ago I registered the domain projetofedora.org.br, and since then I have been maintaining the domain registration and paying the annual registration fee ($40 BRL). Some DNS records are configured to the project address, and also there is some HTTP redirects to some address maintained by the project.

I would like to transfer 100% of the registration authority to the community, however as it is an "org.br" domain, the Brazilian entity responsible by the .br domains, requires a non-governamental organisation to be responsible by the domain, currently the organisation that I used for it, was an Open Source NOG that do not exist anymore, and I would like to know if the project could take the domain legally.

Otherwise, would be interesting to discuss the best solution to keep the domain, if the community want, without the dependency of some individual.

Should we discuss this ticket here on pagure? it's a long topic. (if not, please, add "meeting" tag)

@dbruno, I think that Fedora Project is not supporting that kind of "local" sites... I don't remember very well, but I think it was discussed some years ago.

Any news here

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@dbruno please bring this topic on the next meeting.

@potty , Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meeting, could you add it to the next meeting agenda, and let me know if you need some additional information.

I do not believe this is a problem we can solve in a meeting, since we would need input of the Fedora Legal SIG or of the Council, not sure which of them though. Before pinging them we should first know if we do want to have that domain under the Fedora umbrella.

For reference, please check issue #377

It would also be nice to read the wiki on local community domains. We could always drop that domain and have something under *.fedoracommunity.org

Of course this also brings back the discussion on giving some love to our page on fedoracommunity root level.

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@dbruno Can you ask Rommel Roosevelt de Lima Sousa to add me as technical contact for the domain my id on registro.br is IRP8.

my suggestion is to reimburse you and renew the domain for more 2-3 years until we decide what todo with it.

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As pointed out in the last meeting, @robyduck suggested using latam.fedoracommunity.org as our community domain, using the user agent variable to forward the user to a pt-BR or es page. We could also link the ask fedora communities in each of these pages, have lists with events, etc. This way we can better organize/centralize our community domains.

Any thoughts?

I didn't read the meeting logs, however I believe that the main question was not about to use this domain as a principal domain for Brazilians, as the usage of the domain latam.fedoraproject.org was decided some time ago. I am sorry if this was not clear on my first message.

I just would like to know if the project would have some interesting to maintain this domain. If yes, how can I transfer it, if not I will continue to maintain just to avoid some other corporation or person make some bad usage of it.

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Anyone from Brasil (@athoscr @itamarjp)... Are you interested in the domain?

Not really, no content to add in there at all....

@dbruno there are no interest of keeping the domain. Please do as you think is the correct way.

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