#399 Swag for event Abril 2017 in México
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In Mexico we need resources to carry out our participation on behalf of Fedora

For these events:
FLISOL Acatlan link.
FLISOL Rancho Electronico Link.

We need resources to send to do the project stickers and buy DVD to burn isos and transport

  • DVD
    The cost per unit of DVD is $0.4 usd
    Total price for 100 DVD is $40 usd

  • Sticker
    800 hexagonal cut stickers of 3.5 cm x 4cm
    cost per unit $0.08
    Total price: $64 usd

  • Sticker
    1200 cut stickers of 5 cm x 5cm
    cost per unit $0.09
    Total price: $108 usd


The amount of stickers reduces the production cost and can be used for future events

  • Transport
    Transportation to attend two places of the FLISoL in the city of Mexico and State of Mexico
    Total price: $40 usd
Product / Service --- cost unit--- quantity--- Total
DVD $0.4 USD 100 $40 USD
Sticker vinil $0.08 USD 800 $64 USD
Sticker vinil $0.09 USD 1200 $108 USD
Transport $40 USD
Pypal and Bank $25 USD
Total price $277 USD

Required $277 usd

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