#370 Call for Bids for FUDCon LATAM 2017
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According to [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_organization_process#FUDcon_Team_General_Planning_Schedule], we should have started the call for bids already. So we need to invite folks to bid ASAP and decide a deadline for submission in the next meeting.

If we follow the schedule in the wiki, we should have a decision 10 months before FUDCon, ie. January, assuming FUDCon takes place in October.

So we planned that today we would vote the bids, re-adding the Meeting tag.

I have read the 3 proposal, kudos to the team beging this BIDS, I am not sure if I will available in the today meeting but the Panama BID have a awesome set of event objetives than can help to improve the Latam visibility in the Fedora Project.


So please count my vote for the Panama proposal.

I have read the three bids listed above, and my vote goes to the Fedora Panama Community.

+1 Panama.

It's always satisfying to see a good number of contributors doing their best to achieve something together for the community. I'd like to thank everybody for your efforts on building these bids.

Even though you all have good reasons and good plans for a FUDCon in the countries mentioned above, I will vote for Brazil this time. I've been to Latinoware and it is not just a free software event. It's a whole different thing with such a HUGE number of YOUNG people. Usually you run into hackers in software freedom events but this is not the case in Latinoware. Lots of avid minds eager to find new projects to contribute. Money would be saved with several things that the event already took care of and we'll be able to cover a larger number of people since thousands of people go every year to Latinoware.

Brazil +1

This issue will be closed.

Statement of what we are going to do for FUDCon LATAM may be seen on this email thread:

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Meus queridos amigos brasileiros,

Não há sentido votar aqui. Decidimos propor todas as propostas para o Council juntamente com uma ordem de preferência, resultado do processo de votação que aconteceu na reunião de ontem.

Também este ticket está fechado.

Lamentamos qualquer inconveniente.


Dear Panamanians, Panamá already made a FUDCon in 2011, there's no sense in having a second FUDCon in your country instead of a place that's never received a FUDCon like Paraguay, The people thinks that's my bid is for having a FUDCon in Brazil because I am Brazilian, but my proposal is for Having a Dual Country FUDCon - Brazil + Paraguay, the event will be held in a neutral area, owned by these 2 Country's.

@potty you know that my proposal got more votes than Panamá in the meeting and you know that having a second voting using proper methods like voting app will happen again and our bid is gonna to have more votes than Panamá again.

I really think that our proposal( Brazil + Paraguay) is better because We have alot of audience/public for FUDCon and We are going to provide a better result's x money spent.

anyway I will respect the council if they choose to repeat the FUDCon in Panamá,

thank you.

Pessoal, leiam o comentário do potty.
o ticket ta fechado, não adianta votar aqui!
Obrigado pelos votos, mas a votação foi cancelada.

Ok, não tinha lido... sorry.

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As the FPL pointed out in [1], we should discuss this further before moving forward. Re-opening this ticket and adding the Meeting tag, so that we can discuss about what to do with FUDCon's budget. Please refer to [1] for details.

[1] https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/88

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I'll close this issue because there will be no line-item budget for regional FUDCons. Instead, its budget is allocated for great ideas.

More info here: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-council-fad-2017-report/

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