#64 Fedora 28 Release Party - Tirana, Albania
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We will be organizing a Fedora 28 Release Party in Tirana, at the same time when we have Fedora meetup at OSCAL. The primary focus/goal is to engage between OSCAL attendees and Fedora contributors. All the interested people in Fedora that want to learn more about what the project is doing, or learn how to contribute, will join the event. During the meetup, we will celebrate the latest release as well - with a cake.

Wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F28_Tirana_Albania
OSCAL agenda: https://oscal.openlabs.cc/sessions/community-meetup-meet-the-fedora-community/
When: 19 May @3pm

This year @jflory7 @bee2502 @amsharma @bex will be there as well.

Cake: 20 EUR
Drinks: 5 EUR
Plates/forks: 5 EUR
Balloons: 10 EUR
Total: 40 EUR

PS: Sorry for opening the budget ticket so late, we were not sure when to organize the RP. We will not have snacks this time because not enough time to make the RP longer, we need to stay at Fedora booth too.

+1 Good luck with the event.

This ticket is approved based on the vote here, so no need to cover it during todays meeting.

Looking forward to pictures :)

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Did this party happen?

Yes, the RP party happened during OSCAL. I totally forgot to upload the receipt, sorry my fault. RP is mentioned here https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/open-source-conference-albania-oscal-2018/ at the report that Justin wrote.

Total: 5000 ALL ~ 39.5 EUR
Paypal: anxhelo@lushka.al


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@jsimon can we please proceed with the reimbursement?

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3 years ago

@bex I assigned this ticket to you since @jsimon hasn't replied yet

paid. please confirm receipt @anxh3l0

Payment confirmed. Thanks @bex

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