A C P I T O O L

Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008  David Leemans.
Some Copyright (c) 2018, Al Stone <>

Additional contributions from Debian patches under GPLv2 (best we can

This is an ACPI client for Linux, originally written by David Leemans,
and now with maintenance and improvement being attempted by Al Stone.

Please see the INSTALL file for installation info.

This version on started with the original work from David (i.e.,
the 0.5.1 version).  I am now trying to see how or if this work may be
carried forward, given the changes in ACPI, procfs and sysfs that have
occurred since that last version.  As such changes may occur, but I have
no idea at what rate those may happen yet.  YMMV, TBD, and so on.  At a
minimum, we will incorporate patches collected by some of the distributions
and re-use them as much as possible.

The original homepage for this software was here:

and was used for more information and a download link.  Since then, it
has been moved at least once and is now here:

That version has become static since the 0.5.1 release.  We hope to
improve on that on

This ACPI client is intended to be a replacement for the apm tool.  Even
though APM used to work fine on a lot of laptops, it was deprecated and
has long since been replaced by ACPI; this is true of servers, as well.
Many, many systems require ACPI to boot properly today.  As such, it would
be nice to have an ACPI client.
For this client, you need a computer running a Linux kernel from at least
the 2.4.x series with ACPI enabled.  Using the latest upstream or distro
provided kernel is recommended, since that's where development of Linux
ACPI code is happening.

The intended audience of this applictaion are the people interested in
stuff like battery status, thermal status and the ability to put their
system to sleep.

Development of acpitool started in June 2004, on a Toshiba Satellite Pro
6000, then running Slackware 9.1. The Toshiba remained in use till
September 2006, when it was replaced with a Dell Latitude C640, running
Slackware 11 with kernel 2.6.20.  The C640 was replaced in July 2008 with
a Dell Latitude D610, running Slackware 12.1 with kernel 2.6.26.

I've started picking this back up again in 2018 to see if improvements
can be made.

If you think you found a bug, have a feature request, would like to give
some feedback, or just would like to contact me for whatever reason, DO 
NOT HESITATE to do so.  It is the only way I will ever know there is a bug,
or that you want some feature added.  With your help, acpitool can only
get better ;) 
To contact me, please post an issue, pull request, or send me a message
Last updated: 26 Oct 2018