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♥️ Useful links and thanks

  • macOS launcher which contains some additional compatibility components
  • Wiki contains some basic FAQ, installation instructions and more
  • Releases page where you can find latest available version
  • Changelog with chronology of the project

⬇️ Download

Distribution Format Wiki Source
Fedora Flatpak link -
Arch Linux, Manjaro AUR link an-anime-game-launcher-bin
Fedora, OpenSUSE RPM link AAGL
Ubuntu pacstall - an-anime-game-launcher-bin
Gentoo ebuild link aagl-ebuilds
NixOS nixpkg link aagl-gtk-on-nix

To see the installation guides, please visit the wiki page here

Lutris integration described here

Chinese version support

This should be automatically enabled if you're using zh_cn (Chinese) as your system language. If you're not using it - you can change the game edition in the launcher settings

💻 Development

Folder Description
src Rust source code
assets App assets folder
assets/locales App localizations
target/release Release build of the app

Clone repo

git clone --recursive

Run app

cargo run

Build app

cargo build --release

Updates strategy

Starting from 3.2.1 (fcab428) we have 2 branches: stable (main) and dev (next). Code changes will be pushed into dev branch and merged into stable once they're ready for new version release