Unified XUL Platform (UXP)

This repository holds the code for a unified application platform for XUL-based applications. It is a hard fork from the Mozilla code repository (mozilla-central) with an ESR-52 fork point.

In addition to further development based on the Mozilla upstream code, and selective cherry-picking of directly-applicable patches, this repository has its own development and holds the base for a future platform to be used by XUL applications.

This repository will contain at least one application to demonstrate and make use of the platform: The Basilisk web browser, a close twin to Mozilla's Firefox.

Additional documentation

Additional documentation relevant to this source code can be found in the /docs directory. This will contain relevant documentation regarding contributing, using and distributing this code and its binaries.

If you are interested in the development and building side of things, some information will be available on the Pale Moon developer wiki.

A note about trademarks and branding

Although this repository is licensed under Mozilla Public License v2.0, the trademarks and brands contained herein remain the property of their respective owners. For more details, please see the notifications in the respective directories.

Foundation and maintainership

This repository has been founded and is maintained by Moonchild (M.C. Straver). If you fork this repository to perform your own work on it, please consider offering improvement patches upstream to its origin to mutually improve the platform and build a future for XUL.