#3952 Revert "intg: Generate tmp dir with lowercase"
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@@ -3955,9 +3955,7 @@ 

  	rm -Rf intg; \

  	$(MKDIR_P) intg/bld; \

  	: Use /hopefully/ short prefix to keep D-Bus socket path short; \

- 	prefix=`mktemp --dry-run --tmpdir --directory sssd-intg.XXXXXXXX`; \

- 	prefix=`echo $$prefix | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'`; \

- 	mkdir -p $$prefix; \

+ 	prefix=`mktemp --tmpdir --directory sssd-intg.XXXXXXXX`; \

  	$(LN_S) "$$prefix" intg/pfx; \

  	cd intg/bld; \

  	$(abs_top_srcdir)/configure \

This reverts commit 929bb11.

It is already fixed in upstream.
Combination of python-urllib3-1.24 and python-requests-2.19
works well.

Minimal required version of python packages were in fedora for quite
a long time. And finally, they are also in debian testing.


LGTM, will run through CI.

Sorry about the delay.

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