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Issue Opened Modified Priority Reporter Assignee
#3744 Race condition between concurrent initgroups requests can cause one of them to return incomplete information    1 PR bug 4 days ago 4 days ago minor jhrozek unassigned
#3743 Weirdness when using files provider and domain resolution order    1 PR 4 days ago 3 days ago minor fidencio fidencio
#3740 Utilizing domain_resolution_order in sssd.conf breaks SELinux user map    1 PR 11 days ago 2 days ago jhrozek fidencio
#3629 Implement sss_nss_getsidbyuid and sss_nss_etsidbygid for situations where customers define UID == GID    13 PR RFE 3 months ago 2 months ago minor realrichardsharpe unassigned
#3558 sudo: report error when two rules share cn    6 PR bug 7 months ago 2 days ago major pbrezina pbrezina
#3530 Remove CONFDB_DOMAIN_LEGACY_PASS    1 breaks compatibility PR 7 months ago 5 months ago minor jhrozek unassigned
#3462 pam_sss tests using the pam-wrapper project    2 PR 9 months ago 4 months ago major jhrozek jhrozek
#3353 make intgcheck doesn't warn that kdc needs to be installed    3 PR a year ago 7 months ago trivial pbrezina pcech
#3337 Options allowed in subdomain_inherit should be allowed in subdomain section of sssd.conf    6 PR a year ago 4 months ago minor mzidek mzidek
#3324 GPO Security Filtering and Access Control are not Compliant with MS-ADTS    3 PR a year ago 4 months ago major thor mzidek
#3323 The sssd-$RESPONDER.service units should bind to their socket units    4 PR a year ago 7 months ago major sgallagh fidencio