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Issue Opened Modified Priority Reporter Assignee
#3774 Desktop Profile: The 10th policy is producing a wrong file name    1 PR 4 days ago 4 days ago minor fidencio fidencio
#3724 Access after free during kcm shutdown with a non-empty queue    1 3 months ago a month ago minor pbrezina fidencio
#3687 KCM: Don't pass a non null terminated string to json_loads()    2 KCM bug 4 months ago 2 months ago minor fidencio fidencio
#3683 List of ticket caches in klist -A keeps growing    4 months ago 4 months ago minor rishi fidencio
#3622 Missing code coverage for integration with Fleet Commander    6 6 months ago 5 months ago lslebodn fidencio
#3597 sssd doesn't allow user with expired password to login when PasswordgraceLimit set    2 PR 7 months ago a day ago major jhrozek fidencio
#3542 Get host key without proxying connection    5 PR 9 months ago 8 days ago critical pvolpe fidencio
#3504 intermittent failures in test_idle_timeout    4 10 months ago 4 months ago trivial jhrozek fidencio
#3498 SSSD seems to not clear offline status (and/or set the offline status incorrectly) when switching between primary and back up servers    10 months ago 10 months ago pbrezina fidencio
#3413 a bug in libkrb5 causes kdestroy -A to not work with more than 2 principals with KCM    8 KCM a year ago 2 months ago critical jhrozek fidencio
#3323 The sssd-$RESPONDER.service units should bind to their socket units    4 PR a year ago 9 months ago major sgallagh fidencio
#3304 Only build the local provider conditionally    4 breaks compatibility a year ago a month ago blocker pbrezina fidencio
#3197 sssd is incorrectly handling ldap referrals    24 2 years ago a year ago major ondrejv2 fidencio
#3155 RFE: Return message when authentication fails because the machine is offline    13 easyfix 2 years ago 6 months ago critical tibbs fidencio
#3138 Enable socket-activate services to refresh configuration    12 2 years ago 4 months ago critical jhrozek fidencio