#995 RFE: Enhance Handling of primaryGroupID from Active Directory
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In Active Directory all users are by default members of the group 513 / Domain Users. But when using SSSD against AD with no Identity Management for Unix Role Service enabled the group name for the group ID 513 is not found. It would be helpful if SSSD would handle this case without the need to add the domain users group to each client's /etc/groups.

For the record, nss-pam-ldapd has related functionality, as described in:


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Putting in needs triage. Seems like it belongs to 1.9.

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We don't plan to special-case the "Domain Users" group. Either the admin needs to add the POSIX attributes, or it needs to be handled by the ID-mapping being done in ticket #996.

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This use case works now with the AD provider.

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