#986 Add sss_ldap_err2string() to handle private error codes
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by sbose.

Currently sssd uses a private LDAP error code (LDAP_X_SSSD_PASSWORD_EXPIRED), because there are no official ones for error conditions indicated by the server side password policies.

If ldap_err2string() is called with the private error code a message like "Unknown (private extension) error(21853)" is returned. To not confuse the reader of a log file and to give more useful information a new call sss_ldap_err2string() should be created which checks for private error codes before calling ldap_err2string().

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component: SSSD => LDAP Provider
milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.5.14
owner: somebody => pbrezina

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- 3fff68f56b3c68897821c49ec7357a4f36bafa96
- 54423ae32fa26aa7790a67ff0f9a93b96677e590


- 270697a054224599bb580c32810c7b00340a8d87
- 0f42a8d17adafd89d6afd309bc1056de7bb82aec


- 56379f9e9b17c522885b7ac1e8cda5088b0c6fee
- 20720ea8f7f38c67d1ed8cf8f203f54a32c61597

resolution: => fixed
status: new => closed

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Metadata Update from @sbose:
- Issue assigned to pbrezina
- Issue set to the milestone: SSSD 1.5.14

3 years ago

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