#973 deref causes infinite loop due to referrals
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by prefect.

When deref hits referrals it fails to ignore them as well as the non-deref code. As a result it infinite loops trying to resolve group members.

Disabling deref by modifing sdap_has_deref_support to unconditionally return false does workaround the problem, so it's clearly releated to the deref support.

Logs where deref is enabled showing the infinite loop

Fields changed

owner: somebody => jhrozek

Fields changed

status: new => assigned

Fields changed

milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.6.1

Fields changed

milestone: SSSD 1.6.1 => SSSD 1.6.2

Fixed by:
- 7e7fa53 (master)
- b003e09 (sssd-1-6)

milestone: SSSD 1.6.2 => SSSD 1.6.1
patch: 0 => 1
resolution: => fixed
status: assigned => closed

Fields changed

rhbz: => 0

Metadata Update from @prefect:
- Issue assigned to jhrozek
- Issue set to the milestone: SSSD 1.6.1

2 years ago

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