#917 Document sss_tools better
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Manual pages for sss_ commands do not explain when/why those tools should be preferred instead of the standard utilities and on what data do the sss_ tools operate on.

For example, sss_groupadd(8) says:

sss_groupadd creates a new group. These groups are compatible with
POSIX groups, with the additional feature that they can contain other
groups as members.

It should be documented where this group is created (LDAP, SSSD's TDB, other), does it depend on sssd.conf, or is it perhaps useful only with IPA? When should groupadd(8) be used and when not instead of sss_groupadd or should most administrators use sss_* tools after deploying SSSD regardless of the server side?

Few sentences which would at least partly answer to these questions would be helpful for administrators deploying SSSD.

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