#907 The local provider min_id should be a compile-time option

Created 6 years ago by sgallagh
Modified 9 months ago

Unlike the network providers like LDAP, the local provider MUST have a valid min_id set in order to function (because creating users needs to start at the correct value).

Right now, we have a hard value of 1000 specified in confdb.h. It would be much better if we added a configure option of --with-local-min-id to define this as appropriate for the system.

An alternate approach would be to autodetect the value from /etc/login.defs, but I'm not sure we want to allow defaults to be that fluid.

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I suspect the id_provider=local will be deprecated in favour of just providing a d-bus api that would ultimately forward the request to shadow-utils or libuser or similar. I would suggest to close this ticket in its current form and reopen if needed.

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Since the local provider is not being developed anymore, I'm closing this ticket as wontfix.

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9 months ago

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