#880 The IPA provider does not work with IPv6
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The problem is that in the resolve callback we construct the LDAP URI based on IP address. LDAP routines cannot parse IPv6 IP address in URI.

We should use the server hostname instead and only use the address in the kdcinfo files.

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If I remember correctly we decided to use the IP address to prevent ldap libraries from doing name resolution on its own (possibly also affecting the way libgssapi works). Also related to server affinity IIRC, but this may be less of a problem with IPA.
So before doing any change make sure to know why we did it that way and that everything works as before if you do.


Yes, Simo is correct here. The correct fix for this behavior would be to check whether the reply from the resolver is IPv6 and just make sure that when we construct the URI to do so with the proper enclosure of the address.

Right, I remember now. I was fooled by ordinary LDAP provider where we pass the hostname. Also, if I remember correctly, the problem of LDAP libraries doing name resolving was only present when GSSAPI auth was used.

So related question - should we change the behaviour of the LDAP provider, too? Either when GSSAPI is used or always?

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