#734 on reconnect we need to detect that a ipa/ds server has been reinitialized
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When a DS replica is reinitialized the USNs are reset to 0 for all imported entries, and the counter is also reset to 0.
When connecting to the same server therefore it is not sufficient to check the name we also need to verify that the highest USN value of the server is not lower than what we have recorded. If so we need to reset the enumeration counters just like if we were connecting to a new server.

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Reopening this bug. It appears to be broken on 1.8.0. See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=785877

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As it was described in the BZ, the issue now is a bit different than the original request stated. Now the SSSD correctly detects that remote DS has be re-initialized but it doesn't delete the old data, it just fetches a whole bunch of new data. However that's a problem of enumeration in general, it doesn't delete records that are in the cache but no longer on the server.

The best solution in context of this ticket is to delete all records of given type with entryUSN higher than lastUSN retrieved from the server. More generic solution would be to check for all entries that have expired as well.

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Fixed in 41be4e3

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