#604 Don't care if authenticated with cached credentials

Created 7 years ago by orion
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I would like to be able to turn off the "Authenticated with cached credentials" message. With kdm login it pops up a dialog box that must be responded to before login continues. Annoying and I don't care if I was authenticated with cached credentials or not.

This is something we CAN do, but I question whether it doesn't make more sense to have KDM fix their message reporting. For example, in GDM, this message flashes on the screen for about one second (just long enough to read it) then it disappears.

There are certain to be other PAM modules that produce output, and it would be a better solution for KDM to handle them gracefully.

Ah, didn't know about the GDM behavior. Must be how they handle PAM_TEXT_INFO messages? I'll poke around in kdm some more.

Yes, it's a PAM_TEXT_INFO reply.

Another point to note: this behavior is desired if {{{offline_credentials_expiration}}} is specified in sssd.conf, as it lets the user know how long they have until they need to perform an online login or be locked out.

Well, upstream closed as wontfix. Not sure you want to weigh in there or not. Is there a different category of PAM_TEXT_* messages that would indicate more importance and the need for confirmation (expiration for e.g.)?

I'm not opposed to making this message optional.

I propose the following behavior:
Add a new option: {{{pam_verbosity}}} which will default to zero (which means only important messages, like the offline expiration warnings)

We will have the "Authenticated with cached credentials message" (without expiration warning) appear at a higher verbosity.

Time is limited for 1.4.0. Targeting 1.5.0.

If time permits, we will pull it up to 1.4.0.

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