#415 Add krb5_kpasswd option to sssd.conf

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Currently, we always assume that the kerberos KDC is also a kerberos kadmin server. In real production environments, it is very common to have multiple read-only replicas of the KDC, but only a single kadmin server (since password changes and the like are comparitively rare).

The lack of this option should be considered a regression from pam_krb5.

Fixed by 5096bb4

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This option is not in t he man pages?

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sorry, we renamed the option to krb5_kpasswd, which describes the purpose better. krb5_kpasswd is mentioned in the man page.

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summary: Add krb5_kadmin option to sssd.conf => Add krb5_kpasswd option to sssd.conf

krb5_kpasswd is described in the sssd-krb5 man page. Documentation should mention that the option should be used if kpasswd is running on a different server or on a non-default port.

Added a para to 15.2.6. Setting Up Kerberos Authentication in the RHEL 6 Deployment Guide that covers this.

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