#4146 RFE: Please consider supporting the systemd userdb varlink API for querying user/group records and membership
Closed: cloned-to-github 3 years ago by pbrezina. Opened 4 years ago by lennart.

The upcoming systemd version adds support for a concept called "userdb" which allows plugging in additional user/group database subsystems that provide rich user definitions in JSON objects. It's intended to be sufficiently simple and extensible for sssd/ldap to support.

Hookup is easy, and by doing this SSSD can supply systemd with various bits of per-user metadata information it will then use, in particular for configuring resource management (cgroups, …), security attributes and other runtime parameters. This for the first time would allow a provider like sssd to do per user resource management, enforced by systemd from its LDAP backend or so.

Documentation for the user/group records is here:


The API sssd would need to implement is this:


This is all petty new stuff and just got merged in systemd upstream. We hope to release this shortly in a new systemd version, and then introduce this to Fedora shortly after.

(I discussed this over the past months to three folks from (or close to) the sssd/ldap/samba community about this, including Alexander Bokovoy, Simo Sorce, Günther Deschner. Alexander suggested I should post an issue here about this, hence that's what I am doing. Alexander also indicated he'd like to see at least two more features added to the varlink API to make this really useful for sssd [which is username prefix searches + existence checks], but I guess that shouldn't stop us from starting the discussion here.)

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