#4109 RFE: Support regex matching as pam_krb5 did
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Per this: https://docs.pagure.org/SSSD.sssd/users/pam_krb5_migration.html it looks like an attempt was made to integrate all that pam_krb5 offered into sssd. However support for mapping users using regexes was not included: https://docs.pagure.org/SSSD.sssd/users/pam_krb5_migration.html#localauth-k5login instead static mapping of users was included. This unfortunately doesn't scale very well. The details of our particular use case are here: https://lists.fedorahosted.org/archives/list/sssd-users@lists.fedorahosted.org/thread/L5HBZGOENS5FH6J2XUJX2HUSGCE4CSFL/

The short version is that we need the ability to remap the user dynamically, we have <username> objects and <username>-sudo objects that exist in the AD, we remap sudo auth to go against the <username>-sudo objects using the following in /etc/krb5.conf:
pam = {
debug = false
forwardable = true
renew_lifetime = 24h
ticket_lifetime = 24h
krb4_convert = false
mappings = ^(.*)$ $1/sudo

Something like this is no longer supported in SSSD and as such we have had to repackage pam_krb5 into our own repo for RHEL 8.


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