#4072 gentoo: Linking issue in idmap test program with samba 4.10.6
Opened 6 months ago by musover. Modified 6 months ago

I have been unable to build sssd 2.2.0 on a gentoo system due to the idmap test failing to build. As such, the output obtained from configure is

checking Samba's idmap plugin interface version... idmap test result is: 127
configure: error: Cannot determine Samba's idmap interface version, please use --with-smb-idmap-interface-version

The test program requires two additional libraries in order to be built. That would be replace-samba4 and smbd-shim-samba4.

Replacing line 63,

LIBS="$LIBS -L${sambalibdir} -lidmap-samba4 -Wl,-rpath ${sambalibdir}"


LIBS="$LIBS -L${sambalibdir} -lidmap-samba4 -lreplace-samba4 -lsmbd-shim-samba4 -Wl,-rpath ${sambalibdir}"

in src/external/samba.m4 produces a valid result on the idmap test.

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