#4034 krb5 tests don't compile on RHEL-6
Opened 8 months ago by jhrozek. Modified 8 months ago

So I don't know if we care or not, but at least we should announce that tests are not expected to work on RHEL-6:

/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ci/label/rhel6/src/tests/cmocka/test_copy_keytab.c: In function 'teardown_keytab':
/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ci/label/rhel6/src/tests/cmocka/test_copy_keytab.c:100: error: implicit declaration of function 'krb5_free_enctypes'

Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't check since when krb5_free_enctypes is available. In the older versions it is expected to just call free.

I'll add a configure check to fix this.

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8 months ago

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