#3956 [Security] Improve plain text password handling in code
Closed: cloned-to-github a year ago by pbrezina. Opened 2 years ago by huzaifas.

This is about:

After some discussions i think we can make this better my using the following:

  1. Use PR_SET_DUMPABLE for pages which have passwords etc, to ensure
    that coredumps dont contain cleartext passwords.

  2. Use SGX when available

  3. Lastly and more importantly fedora has explicit_bzero which you
    should use rather manually scrub memory. Please see
    This is not optimized by the compiler.

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a year ago

Commit 0a6fdec relates to this ticket

Commit 109c21e relates to this ticket

Commit ad1ae00 relates to this ticket

Commit 275e062 relates to this ticket

Commit 0165ef1 relates to this ticket

Commit f2245b5 relates to this ticket

  • master
    • 0a6fdec - LDAP: proper handling of master password
    • 109c21e - util/authtok: set destructor in sss_authtok_new()
    • ad1ae00 - db/sysdb_ops: proper zeroization of sensitive data
    • 275e062 - util/sha512_crypt_r: proper zeroization of sensitive data
    • 1f667ea - util/sha512_crypt_r: removed misleading comments
    • 78127ea - util/sha512_crypt_r: got rid of redundant mem align
    • be7f731 - util: fixed potential mem leak in s3crypt_gen_salt()
    • 0165ef1 - tools/sss_seed: proper zeroization of sensitive data
    • f2245b5 - util/memory: helper(s) to securely erase mem was reworked
    • b72c4fa - util/memory: sanitization

Alexey, did the patches fix this ticket? If yes, please close it.

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a year ago

Alexey, did the patches fix this ticket?

No. Only item (3) is partially addressed. Another question if we want (1) and (2) to be done.

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