#3860 Refactor session recording to only use cache_req
Closed: cloned-to-github 2 years ago by pbrezina. Opened 3 years ago by sbose.

The main task for SSSD related to session recording is to find out based on the configuration options if a user should be recorded or not. As a result the 'sessionRecording' attribute is added to the cached user object with the values 'true' or 'false'.

Currently the code doing this is spread between the cache_req code (cache_req_sr_overlay_match_users() and cache_req_sr_overlay_match_all_step_done()), the common responder code (dp_req_initgr_pp_sr_overlay()) and since recently in the files provider (sf_enum_files() calling dp_add_sr_attribute()).

Although iirc it was me who originally asked to have as much code as possible for this in the backend I think nowadays it would make maintenance of the code easier if everything would be handled in the cache_req overlay code.

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