#3848 pam_unix unable to match fully qualified username provided by sssd during smartcard auth using gdm
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This is a special case for Smartcard authentication for local users with GDM
where the GDM Samrtcard feature is used (prompt directly for a PIN if a
Smartcard is inserted). In this case it is up to SSSD to determine the user
name based on the Samrtcard mapping. There is a longer comment about this in
add_pam_cert_response(). Currently SSSD always returns a fully-qualified name
and pam_sss puts this on the PAM stack as PAM_USER for other PAM modules.

This works fine as long as the user if completely handled by SSSD. But for
local users pam_unix should be able to find them as well, especially during

I guess a is_files_provider() check in add_pam_cert_response() so the short
names are returned if the files provider is used should help help.

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