#3847 gpo: use correct base dn
Closed: cloned-to-github 2 years ago by pbrezina. Opened 3 years ago by pbrezina.

GPO code in ad_gpo_connect_done converts domain name to base dn which may not be correct. For example if the domain name in sssd.conf is AD, computed base is then dc=AD, but the correct base dn is dc=ad,dc=vm. This makes gpo code to fail.

    /* Convert the domain name into domain DN */
    ret = domain_to_basedn(state, state->host_domain->name, &domain_dn);
    if (ret != EOK) {
              "Cannot convert domain name [%s] to base DN [%d]: %s\n",
               state->host_domain->name, ret, sss_strerror(ret));
        goto done;

    /* SDAP_OC_USER objectclass covers both users and computers */
    filter = talloc_asprintf(state,
    if (filter == NULL) {
        ret = ENOMEM;
        goto done;

    subreq = sdap_get_generic_send(state, state->ev, state->opts,
                                   domain_dn, LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE,
^^^ correct base dn should be used
                                   filter, attrs, NULL, 0,

    if (subreq == NULL) {
        DEBUG(SSSDBG_OP_FAILURE, "sdap_get_generic_send failed.\n");
        ret = EIO;
        goto done;

    tevent_req_set_callback(subreq, ad_gpo_target_dn_retrieval_done, req);

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