#3837 Handle setups that filter only a subset of groups better
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Description of problem:
SSSD provides the ability to set a filter as part of the LDAP search bases.
This is often used to speed up logins and user and group lookups in large AD
environments where the Linux clients only care about a subset of groups anyway.

But it is not obvious for many admins that the group filter must also include
the primary group, otherwise the user lookups on the clients will fail
completely, because the client requires that all the groups, including the
primary one are resolvable.

We should make this requirement more visible. Possible options include:
 - fail the user resolution completely if the primary group can't be resolved
and log a very loud debug message. The failure to resolve the user would force
the admin to go look at the logs and find the message with the hint why the
user can't be resolved

 - autogenerate some funky name for the primary group that can't be resolved.
This might work better out of the box, but might break HBAC

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