#3762 Internal CI: make-check-valgrind constantly failing on Debian machine
Closed: Invalid 6 months ago Opened 8 months ago by fidencio.

PASS: src/tests/pysss_murmur-test.py2.sh
PASS: src/tests/pyhbac-test.py2.sh
PASS: src/tests/pyhbac-test.py3.sh
PASS: src/tests/pysss_murmur-test.py3.sh
PASS: src/config/SSSDConfigTest.py2.sh
PASS: src/config/SSSDConfigTest.py3.sh
PASS: test-find-uid
PASS: test-io
PASS: sss_nss_idmap-tests
PASS: test-authtok
PASS: fqnames-tests
PASS: test-negcache
PASS: nss-srv-tests
PASS: nestedgroups-tests
PASS: test_sss_idmap
PASS: dyndns-tests
PASS: test_ipa_idmap
PASS: test_utils
PASS: dp_opt_tests
PASS: sbus-internal-tests
PASS: responder-get-domains-tests
PASS: sss_sifp-tests
PASS: test_search_bases
PASS: test_ldap_auth
PASS: config_check-tests
PASS: test_sdap_access
PASS: test_sdap_certmap
PASS: sdap-tests
PASS: test_sysdb_views
PASS: test_sysdb_ts_cache
PASS: test_sysdb_certmap
PASS: test_sysdb_subdomains
PASS: test_sysdb_utils
PASS: test_sysdb_domain_resolution_order
PASS: test_wbc_calls
PASS: test_copy_ccache
PASS: test_copy_keytab
FAIL: test_sysdb_sudo
PASS: test_child_common
PASS: test_sbus_opath
PASS: test_be_ptask
PASS: ssh-srv-tests
PASS: test_ipa_subdom_util
PASS: test_tools_colondb
PASS: test_fo_srv
PASS: test_krb5_wait_queue
PASS: test_cert_utils
PASS: test_ldap_id_cleanup
PASS: pam-srv-tests
PASS: test_dp_request_table
PASS: test_data_provider_be
PASS: test_dp_builtin
PASS: test_dp_request
PASS: test_ipa_dn
PASS: test_iobuf
PASS: krb5_common_test
PASS: sss_certmap_test
PASS: test_sssd_krb5_locator_plugin
PASS: ifp_tests
PASS: test_resolv_fake
PASS: simple-access-tests
PASS: test_kcm_json
FAIL: responder_cache_req-tests
PASS: test_inotify
PASS: ad_access_filter_tests
PASS: ad_gpo_tests
PASS: test_kcm_queue
PASS: ad_common_tests
FAIL: test_sdap_initgr
PASS: test_sssd_krb5_localauth_plugin
PASS: test_ad_subdom
PASS: strtonum-tests
PASS: test_ipa_subdom_server
PASS: krb5-utils-tests
PASS: dlopen-tests
PASS: check_and_open-tests
PASS: resolv-tests
PASS: files-tests
PASS: refcount-tests
PASS: fail_over-tests
PASS: find_uid-tests
PASS: ipa_ldap_opt-tests
PASS: auth-tests
PASS: ad_ldap_opt-tests
PASS: crypto-tests
PASS: debug-tests
PASS: util-tests
PASS: ipa_hbac-tests
PASS: sss_idmap-tests
PASS: responder_socket_access-tests
PASS: safe-format-tests
PASS: sysdb_ssh-tests
PASS: src/tests/whitespace_test
PASS: src/tests/double_semicolon_test
PASS: sbus_tests
PASS: sbus_codegen_tests
FAIL: sysdb-tests
Testsuite summary for sssd 1.16.3
# TOTAL: 97
# PASS:  93
# SKIP:  0
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL:  4
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0

I guess this might be related to the updates of libldb1, libtevent0, libtdb1 or libtalloc2 which happened before the tests started failing.

Cannot reproduce with current version of libldb

Metadata Update from @lslebodn:
- Issue close_status updated to: Invalid
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

6 months ago

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