#3762 Internal CI: make-check-valgrind constantly failing on Debian machine

Created 3 months ago by fidencio
Modified a month ago

PASS: src/tests/pysss_murmur-test.py2.sh
PASS: src/tests/pyhbac-test.py2.sh
PASS: src/tests/pyhbac-test.py3.sh
PASS: src/tests/pysss_murmur-test.py3.sh
PASS: src/config/SSSDConfigTest.py2.sh
PASS: src/config/SSSDConfigTest.py3.sh
PASS: test-find-uid
PASS: test-io
PASS: sss_nss_idmap-tests
PASS: test-authtok
PASS: fqnames-tests
PASS: test-negcache
PASS: nss-srv-tests
PASS: nestedgroups-tests
PASS: test_sss_idmap
PASS: dyndns-tests
PASS: test_ipa_idmap
PASS: test_utils
PASS: dp_opt_tests
PASS: sbus-internal-tests
PASS: responder-get-domains-tests
PASS: sss_sifp-tests
PASS: test_search_bases
PASS: test_ldap_auth
PASS: config_check-tests
PASS: test_sdap_access
PASS: test_sdap_certmap
PASS: sdap-tests
PASS: test_sysdb_views
PASS: test_sysdb_ts_cache
PASS: test_sysdb_certmap
PASS: test_sysdb_subdomains
PASS: test_sysdb_utils
PASS: test_sysdb_domain_resolution_order
PASS: test_wbc_calls
PASS: test_copy_ccache
PASS: test_copy_keytab
FAIL: test_sysdb_sudo
PASS: test_child_common
PASS: test_sbus_opath
PASS: test_be_ptask
PASS: ssh-srv-tests
PASS: test_ipa_subdom_util
PASS: test_tools_colondb
PASS: test_fo_srv
PASS: test_krb5_wait_queue
PASS: test_cert_utils
PASS: test_ldap_id_cleanup
PASS: pam-srv-tests
PASS: test_dp_request_table
PASS: test_data_provider_be
PASS: test_dp_builtin
PASS: test_dp_request
PASS: test_ipa_dn
PASS: test_iobuf
PASS: krb5_common_test
PASS: sss_certmap_test
PASS: test_sssd_krb5_locator_plugin
PASS: ifp_tests
PASS: test_resolv_fake
PASS: simple-access-tests
PASS: test_kcm_json
FAIL: responder_cache_req-tests
PASS: test_inotify
PASS: ad_access_filter_tests
PASS: ad_gpo_tests
PASS: test_kcm_queue
PASS: ad_common_tests
FAIL: test_sdap_initgr
PASS: test_sssd_krb5_localauth_plugin
PASS: test_ad_subdom
PASS: strtonum-tests
PASS: test_ipa_subdom_server
PASS: krb5-utils-tests
PASS: dlopen-tests
PASS: check_and_open-tests
PASS: resolv-tests
PASS: files-tests
PASS: refcount-tests
PASS: fail_over-tests
PASS: find_uid-tests
PASS: ipa_ldap_opt-tests
PASS: auth-tests
PASS: ad_ldap_opt-tests
PASS: crypto-tests
PASS: debug-tests
PASS: util-tests
PASS: ipa_hbac-tests
PASS: sss_idmap-tests
PASS: responder_socket_access-tests
PASS: safe-format-tests
PASS: sysdb_ssh-tests
PASS: src/tests/whitespace_test
PASS: src/tests/double_semicolon_test
PASS: sbus_tests
PASS: sbus_codegen_tests
FAIL: sysdb-tests
Testsuite summary for sssd 1.16.3
# TOTAL: 97
# PASS:  93
# SKIP:  0
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL:  4
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0

I guess this might be related to the updates of libldb1, libtevent0, libtdb1 or libtalloc2 which happened before the tests started failing.

Cannot reproduce with current version of libldb

a month ago

Metadata Update from @lslebodn:
- Issue close_status updated to: Invalid
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

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