#3706 Hide debug message domain not found for well known sid
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Description of problem:
Some SID which are well known & static should not be lookup in AD example https

lookups of these well-known SIDs should not be necessary (due to the static
nature, the data could be buillt-on for faster lookups)

We see entries like

[sdap_ad_tokengroups_get_posix_members] (0x0080): Domain not found for SID

Grep for identical entries reveals the full list of well-known SIDs with logs
entries as follows:


Looks this code will fix the issue:
sdap_ad_save_group_membership_with_idmapping(){ ./src/providers/ldap/sdap_async_initgroups_ad.c
const char domptr;
const char
if(well_known_sid_to_name(sid,&domptr, &nameptr) != EOK){ <<<<<<<
domain = sss_get_domain_by_sid_ldap_fallback(user_dom, sid);
if (domain == NULL) {
DEBUG(SSSDBG_MINOR_FAILURE, "Domain not found for SID %s\n", sid);
} <<<<<<<

But need to test it.

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a year ago

@amitkumar25nov yes, I think something like this, although I think it might be better to only call the well_known function in the fail handler to avoid printing the debug message, otherwise we would convert the sid to name needlessly.

It might be cleanest to add is_well_known_sid function, but I'm not sure if it's worth extending the API because of this single use-case..

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