#3695 High sssd_secrets and sssd_kcm load during ipa-run-tests
Opened 10 months ago by rcritten. Modified 10 months ago

I was running the IPA integration tests and had top running and noticed that sssd_secrets and sssd_kcm were using 16-22% of CPU pretty regularly.

To reproduce try:

I'm testing on F-27 using a hackish build from master but I suspect this is reproducible using stock F-27 packages.

  • Install IPA including the python3-runtests package
  • mkdir ~/.ipa
  • ln -s /etc/ipa/default.conf ~/.ipa/default.conf
  • ln -s /etc/ipa/ca.crt ~/.ipa/ca.crt
  • kinit admin
  • ipa-run-tests test_xmlrpc/test_user_plugin.py

These are API tests that should re-use the same TGT with each test.

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