#368 Support dynamic DNS updates for FreeIPA
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The IP can change so the client should automatically update its IP in the DNS server running on the FreeIPA server. This is for the IPA back end. It would require detecting if the DNS is installed and can be modified.

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We will add two new options to the ipa provider: {{{ipa_dyndns_update}}} (default: {{{False}}}) and {{{ipa_dyndns_iface}}} (default: whichever interface connects to the FreeIPA LDAP server)

The logic we are going to implement is as follows:

After a connection to the FreeIPA LDAP server has been established, if dynamic DNS is enabled, we will first perform a DNS lookup against the FreeIPA server for the IP address associated with the {{{ipa_hostname}}}. We will then compare this to the IP address associated with the {{{ipa_dyndns_iface}}} (or the IP address associated with the connection to the FreeIPA LDAP server, if {{{ipa_dyndns_iface}}} is not available).

If the two IP addresses do not match, we will fork a child process to invoke the {{{nsupdate}}} command, and use GSS-TSIG, authenticated with the host keytab, to update the FreeIPA DNS server with the new IP address.

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Fixed by f432c0b

The plan described above was changed slightly. It was decided that it makes more sense to simply attempt the update upon going online, rather than first check for differences. The overhead to check for changes in the IP was unnecessary considering that going online was a rare occurrence.

David, when adding this to the documentation, please not the two sssd.conf options listed above, and that this applies only to FreeIPA v2 with DNS set up.

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