#3505 Backport 9b8fcf685c5ca70a5067a621385bcdc8d9fd6469 which fixes UPN login issues to sssd-1-13
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by jhrozek.

The subject says it all, we should backport the commit 9b8fcf6 that fixes some issues with UPN logins to sssd-1-13.

cherry-pick passed but it would be good to test whether it really fixed issue on 1.13

BTW I can see that there were more UPN related patches around commit from description

Do we need to backport them as well?

Yes, it would be good to backport those as well.

The last two might be needed if the UPN is not written with AD tools but manually to the LDAP attribute. Then it would be possible that the domain part of the UPN matches the domain know to SSSD but the name does not correspond to the login name.

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