#3490 Can't authenticat when password contains special letters

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I'm using this command for joining a Windows 2008 server AD from a Linux Mint 18.1 computer :
sudo realm join -v --user=Administrateur --client-software=sssd 2008-STANDARD.NUMOPEN

I've got this error if the Windows AD admin password contains special letters (password = ²&é"'³1234), it works well if not :

! Couldn't authenticate as : Administrateur @2008-STANDARD.NUMOPEN: Preauthentication failed
adcli: couldn't connect to 2008-standard.numopen domain : Couldn't authenticate as : Administrateur @2008-STANDARD.NUMOPEN: Preauthentication failed


Capture_du_2017-02-04_16-20-49.png - 2017-08-26 21:22:46 From Issue description Download

I'm sorry, but this looks like realmd issue, not sssd one. Can you please open a bug against realmd instead of sssd?

It's done : https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=99676
Are you sure it's not a sssd bug ? realm only call sssd and others commands.
Did you test my example ?

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Yes, it is not related to SSSD. It looks like the password got broken in the interaction between realmd and adcli (and for adcli bugs.freedesktop.org is the right tracker as well). Please see my comment in the other ticket.


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